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Republish a feed (or other data) protected by HTTP basic access authentication

Some services let you access or download data on a url that is protected by username and password-popup, or “basic access authentication“, for example your twitter replies at …: … or your bloglines subscriptions in opml format at … Continue reading

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Gregarius plugin: do not aggregate yourself (when aggregating search feeds)

Yesterday evening I knocked together this “Paola246” aggregator site.  Paola246 aka Paolavdb is the Flemish version of “Lonelygirl15“: a fictitious online persona posing as real.  “Paola” tried to tap into social media so systematically (starting a Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and a few blog accounts in one day ), … Continue reading

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FCKeditor extension for Vanilla: long URLs don’t work

The FCKeditor extension for Vanilla is a great plugin that (obviously) enables the FCK editor for forum posts, including an easy way to posts videos from the major online video sites (Youtube, Google Video…). There’s one issue however I’ve been … Continue reading

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Adding a tab to your Vanilla Menu – the AddGabblyToMenu Extension as an example

Gabbly is a service with which you can transform any web page to a chat box – simply by prefixing the web page with There are lots of situations where this can be handy – in my case, I was asked to create … Continue reading

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My favourite Vanilla extensions

For the Second Life discussion site, I’ve used: Account Pictures This extension will allow your users to upload their icon and picture and store it on your server. You’ll have to create an upload directory and make it writeable. Also, … Continue reading

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PHP forum software: phpBB, BBpress or Vanilla?

I was searching for bulletinboard/forum software for a a Second life forum that was: easy to set up easy to maintain, in the sense that I didn’t want to develop basic functionality myself had a sufficiently large community BBpress themes … Continue reading

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Avoiding phpBB registration spam

Online marketing report boosts a phpBB registration bot – a tool that will register a user on a phpBB forum, in order to drop a link in the user profile. Since phpBB doesn’t put a nofollow tag on a profile … Continue reading

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Inline Flash Player mod for PhpBB

– based on… player… youtube… other inline players: list, also list to playlist thingies

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