FCKeditor extension for Vanilla: long URLs don’t work

The FCKeditor extension for Vanilla is a great plugin that (obviously) enables the FCK editor for forum posts, including an easy way to posts videos from the major online video sites (Youtube, Google Video…).

There’s one issue however I’ve been struggling with: some long html links simply did not display, i.e. a xhref=”http://somelongurl” mce_href=”http://somelongurl” was in the database, but in the html output the href attribute simply was missing.

This turns out to be configurable in /extensions/FCKeditor/settings.php (line 6):

// $FCKeditor_allowed_tags = array( 'a' => array('accesskey' => 1, 'class' => 1, 'href' => array('maxlen' => 100), 'tabindex' => 1, 'title' => 1, 'target' => 1, 'onmouseover' => 1), // modif pvh 20070320 maxlen modified urls -> up to 300

$FCKeditor_allowed_tags = array( ‘a’ => array(‘accesskey’ => 1, ‘class’ => 1, ‘href’ => array(‘maxlen’ => 300), ‘tabindex’ => 1, ‘title’ => 1, ‘target’ => 1, ‘onmouseover’ => 1),

Problem solved!

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One Response to FCKeditor extension for Vanilla: long URLs don’t work

  1. chrisrue says:

    oh man…

    i apologize for not posting that fix sooner at lussumo forums. myschizobuddy & i traced that out, but i figured he’d post it up.
    then i got busy with work, etc. all apologies.

    all best,
    chris rue

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