My favourite Vanilla extensions

For the Second Life discussion site, I’ve used:

  • Account Pictures
    This extension will allow your users to upload their icon and picture and store it on your server. You’ll have to create an upload directory and make it writeable. Also, the files which will get uploaded should have writing permissions. You can change the icon and picture sizes on the settings .
  • Attachments
  • Comment Removal
    Allows administrators and comment/discussion authors to delete posts and discussions directly from the database (ie. no first hide then clean up procedure). Please be aware that this is a permission, so if you’re an admin and you’re not seeing any ‘remove’ button on posts, it’s because you haven’t
  • Comments Permalinks
    Adds a permalink in every comment, so you can share a single comment’s url.
  • FCKeditor
    FCKeditor is a popular WYSIWYG toolbar for your comment forms and posts. Includes Source editing, smileys and Youtube/Google/Soapbox/Vimeo/Revver/Dailymotion/VideoJug/MetaCafe video embedding
  • Google Analytics
    Adds the Google Analytics code to your vanilla forum pages. You must set up an account with Google Analytics and enter your account number in default.php before this add-on will work. Also see further discussion at
  • Guest Welcome Message
    Adds a welcome message to the panel if the person viewing the forum isn’t signed in.
  • Inline Images
    This extension will display uploaded image attachments in your comments. Users can use an image tag (e.g. [Image_154]). You can only use the image tag for comments where you uploaded the image to. !!!REQUIRES ATTACHMENTS 2!!!
  • Next Unread Discussion Link
    This extension adds two links between the last comment of a discussion and the comments form. Previous Page Next Unread “Previous Page” simply goes back in the browser history. “Next Unread” will link to the most recently active discussion which contains unread comments.
  • Notify
    The extension “Notify” enables to subscribe to the complete forum, categories or single discussions to be notified about new comments/discussions. Every user won’t get more than one mail, until he visits the forum again.
  • Predefined Attributes
    The extension allows administrators to predefine attributes. Administrators may add custom fields like “Phone-Nr.” or “Shirt-Size” (Respect your users privacy). Users fill this information on Appliance and on the Account “Personal Information” page.
  • RSS2 Feed
    Adds a link to an RSS2 feed on any applicable pages of Vanilla. It’s a WYSIWYG type of feed where it will deliver exactly what you see when you are browsing the forum. So, if you run a search and then click the RSS2 feed, you will get a feed of the search results.
  • Sidepanel 1.0
    Enables you to insert everything you want to appear in the sidepanel easily (based on Statcounter by JP Mitchell) this is basically the code to extend the sidepanel.
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  2. pwnzor says:

    bbPress ftw, it’s so simple to use and customize! I recommend for cool bbPress themes.

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